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MC2 security cloud

Top 3 Computer Forensics Techniques You Can Achieve With Cognitech Software Tools

With the advancement in technology today, every forensics investigator needs to get familiar with the different digital techniques for resolving criminal cases quickly. For instance, let’s say you just acquired CCTV footage, which will certainly help you solve a case quickly. Unfortunately, the video quality of the digital evidence is low. In this case, one effective solution you can rely on is by applying the video enhancement technique. With Cognitech’s CCTV video enhancement software, this technique shouldn’t be a problem for you to achieve.


Other computer forensics techniques you can rely on to quicken the resolution of your cases are image authentication and the reconstruction of crime scenes. You’ll get more information about these techniques, including how to pick the right Cognitech software tools as you read further.

1.  Video & image enhancement technique

In forensics science, video enhancement is a technical process used by forensics experts to clarify a video recording. As earlier mentioned, the problem with our digital evidence is “low quality.”


How do we improve the quality of the video evidence without affecting its hash values? Don’t forget that the hash values are essential to verify the authenticity and integrity of the digital evidence.

MC2 security cloud
MC2 security cloud

One way to improve the quality of video evidence without compromising its integrity is by using suitable image and video enhancement software. A good example is the Cognitech Video Investigator 64, a software that you can always access through the MC2 security cloud.


The success of forensics video enhancement services depends on three different factors:


  • The methods used by the forensics expert
  • Type of video and image enhancement software used
  • The original quality of the CCTV footage, which you can evaluate based on a couple of factors, including FPS and spatial resolution.


2.  Image authentication technique

Image authentication is a scientific process that requires you to use the right software tools to verify the authenticity of digital evidence. It is the application of image science and other relevant skills to determine whether or not an image/video accurately represents the original data acquired from the source file.


Cognitech FIA 64 is one of the best software tools you can try when using the image authentication technique. This highly comprehensive software comes with various analysis tools to make the analysis of your digital evidence quick and easy.


With FIA 64, it becomes pretty easy for you to investigate the available digital evidence and identify any traces of tampering. Yes, you’ll get to understand if the integrity of the evidence has been compromised or not.

3.  Crime scene reconstruction

crime scene reconstruction
crime scene reconstruction

For you to be able to solve various criminal cases quickly, you need to identify the sequence of events at the crime scenes. This is where the need to use crime scene reconstruction software comes in handy. The crime scene reconstruction technique is vital to understand the sequence of events regarding happenings during and after a crime.


Today, Cognitech AutoMeasure 64 is one of the most reliable software tools you can use when applying the crime scene reconstruction technique. This tool is one of the best photogrammetry software available for the reconstruction of various crime scenes.